What is the Fray'N Release Movement?

People keep asking us questions about the Movement. How it's born, what does Fray means and why do we categorize ourserlves as a Movement.

Well let me tell you a story. 

In last february David and me (JP) were sitting in the coldest cold ice fishing on the Lake St-François in Quebec and we started having a conversation about our passion and what was missing around it. We quickly realized that even though fishing is really popular, there is no brand uniting everybody and providing cool apparel to fishermen. There are these large fishing vests and hats with no style but nothing to fit the younger styles. We realized there were almost no cool looking snapbacks, hoodies or shirts. We decided to start a brand that would look cool and that would unite people under a unique name and passion.

We talked about our values and realized that we cared about :

Style, release and respect for nature and fun with our friends and family. 

So David came up with this idea of calling the brand Fray'N Release. Fray is a scarmish. So we tought is was quite right because what we do when we are fly fishing is a soft battle with the fish to then release it. 

Finally, we categorize FNR as a Movement because what Fray'N Release became goes beyound what we ever imagined. It's building itself with the work and the passion of its members. Hundreds of people have join the Movement so far and it keeps growing day by day.

So don't ask us how to join the Movement. Just do it. Share your passion with the world. Go outside, catch a fish, take a photo, release it and teach everybody out there how important it is to respect nature.