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Why Fly Tying? by Terry Landry

                 A passion! A passion that marked my blood at a very young age. I must’ve been 10 years old when I looked at my dad’s fly rod witch he barely ever used, and started remembering him catching a few trout with it on the Upsalquitch Lake. It didn’t take long that those thoughts were brought to action and I asked him to borrow it. Of course, he said yes and I went on down the hill on the south branch of the Eel River witch is just half a kilometer from my parent’s house. I immediately got hooked, to a branch behind me of course, but I still had fun. I didn’t...

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What is the Fray'N Release Movement?

People keep asking us questions about the Movement. How it's born, what does Fray means and why do we categorize ourserlves as a Movement. Well let me tell you a story.  In last february David and me (JP) were sitting in the coldest cold ice fishing on the Lake St-François in Quebec and we started having a conversation about our passion and what was missing around it. We quickly realized that even though fishing is really popular, there is no brand uniting everybody and providing cool apparel to fishermen. There are these large fishing vests and hats with no style but nothing to fit the younger styles. We realized there were almost no cool looking snapbacks, hoodies or shirts. We decided...

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