- The Movement -

Fray And Release is about a battle between a man and its prey, a battle to become the best at what we do. An everyday battle against nature. It's also about a liberation from our modern way of life that keeps us from spending time outside and liberation from the old style traditionnaly associated with fishermen. We understand that you want more style when you're out on a fishing trip and Fray'N Release gives you exactly that.

A movement that started with two friends, who were passionate about fishing and living outside without compromising their style is now becoming a movement of young and stylish fishermen all over North America.

We think that hapinness is simple and should be accessible to everyone.

We also want to bring a new way of doing things. We know that style is not everything, so we want to bring you quality equipment that is simple to carry and comfortable.

We believe that fishing is way of life and a very pleasurable way to enjoy it. Are you someone who enjoys going out alone to cast a line first thing in the morning? Join the movement now. Buy your official FNR cap of shirt and show your affiition to everybody.

Fray'N Release is a way of enjoying life at its best : Bringing style to the river.

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 - About Us -



























We are located in Québec City, Canada. The land of the thousand trouts where living in nature is not an option.

We are a new start-up and we are counting on our fishermen community to help us build something that will last throughout the years.

We are selling stylish products for the modern fishermen. We sell products that will make you confident when you go outside. We are committed to the quality of our goods and to the feeling of happiness and well being they will bring you.

F&R Team