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Raul  Zuniga  Caballero


Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Fishing Since: Since a good friend of mine took me to a local spot in 2006.
Favorite Species: Steelhead, Salmon and Carp.
Favorite Technic: Centerpin and fly fishing.
Favorite Food: Chicken  and fish (not from my catches of course)!
Favorite Music (song): Phil Collins:  In The Air Tonight.
Instagram: rulonorco
Why do you like to go fishing? There are many things involved. Being surrounded by Nature is the most important. Tough  weather  conditions, catching  steelhead  in the winter and my biggest  pleasure: watching  fish swimming  away!


Jesse Darosa

Home Town: Thunder Bay Ontario
Fishing Since: Went fishing alot when i was young at camp, got really into it when i was 17.
Favorite Species: Muskie
Favorite Technic: Fly fishing
Favorite Food: Blue rare steak with a side of mashed
Favorite Music (song): No specific song, but i love Creedence Clearwater Revival
Instagram: iamdros
Why do you like to go fishing: I love the challenge of the sport, and  i'm addicted to the adrenaline that comes along with it.

Cody Lee Barber

Hometown: Gillette, Wyomin, United States.
Fishing Since: I've been fishing since birth! Fly fishing since 2008.
Favorite Species: Brown trout but I love anything that will hit!
Favorite Technic: Fly fishing and stripping streamers!
Favorite Food: Elk steaks with asparagus and mashed potatoes!
Favorite Music (song): Pantera : Cowboys from Hell.
Instagram: thebarber307
Why do you like to go fishing? I like fishing because it is my get-a-way, nothing matters when I'm fishing, not bills, not work just chasing the next fish! With nothing else to think about I am free.


 Tyler Mate

Hometown: Thorold, Ontario, Canada.
Fishing Since: Since I was a small child but really developed a passion around the age of 16.
Favorite Species: Steelhead.
Favorite Technic: Float fishing with the centrepin.
Favorite Food: Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo.
Favorite Music (song): Brad Paisley : I’m Gonna Miss Her.
Instagram: thoroldhookset
Why do you like to go fishing? I fish for exercise and to get away from everything in the real world. I typically hike to remote areas where I know I’ll be on my own or at least with other people who share similar mindsets. By getting away from the crowds it allows me to relax and really enjoy my surroundings.


Felix Banville

Hometown: Rimouski, Québec, Canada.
Fishing Since: Since I'm 10! When I was young my father bought a shack on a lake and I can say that a fisherman since!
Favorite Species: Brookie, catfish or anything that will hit!
Favorite Technic: Troll fishing with a rapala or a spinner.
Favorite Food: Poutine, Ribs et Nutella toasts.
Favorite Music (song): I love anything that has a good beat and vibe like Method Man, Redman, Eminem, Wiz Kalifha, Snoop Dogg, Wutang Clan, Bob Marley, Milky Chance Equse.
Instagram: felixxb
Why do you like to go fishing? I like fishing because I love nature and being in the water! I prefer to fish in streams and rivers.


Mathieu Desbiens

Hometown: Ste-Agathe des Monts, Québec, Canada.
Fishing Since: I use to go fishing was I was young with my grand-father. I really got hooked 4 years ago when I broke a rib and couln'd do anything else! Started fly fishing and fly tying 2 years ago!
Favorite Species: Small mouth bass,  Big mouth bass. Pike and Brook trout on the fly!
Favorite Technic: Top water lures!
Favorite Food: I love Thai food! Anything spicy!
Favorite music (song): Pink Floyd - Money.
Instagram: beaulac888
Why do you like to go fishing: Fishing is a endless world of learning; different technics, different species and i just love trying new things and succeed with them! Fishing is a way for me to spend quality time by myself or with good friends! Love the feeling of waiting for that first fish to bite!


Simon Girard

Hometown: Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada.
Fishing Since: I fished for the first time at the age of 7 years and I have never stopped since.
Favorite Species: Walleye, Pike, Landlocked Salmon and Striped Bass.
Favorite Technic: Fly Fishing and Troll Fishing.
Favorite Food: Steak and Fries, toast + creton.
Favorite Music (song): Old Shcool Rap.
Instagram: tinsmith84
Why do you like to go fishing? Seeking for the different species, having good time with my buddies and the feeling of freedom.


Michael Gagné

Hometown: St-Honoré, Québec,Canada .
Fishing Since: Since I’m 7.
Favorite Species: Walleye, Pike, Landlocked Salmon and Striped Bass .
Favorite Technic: Fly Fishing and Troll Fishing .
Favorite Food: Raclette, Toast + Creton.
Favorite Music (song): Métalica, ACDC.
Instagram: micgagne
Why do you like to go fishing? The feeling of freedom when I’m far from the city, having good time my friends, being alone with nature and of course catching and releasing beautiful fish.


Adam Beauregard

Hometown: Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada.
Fishing Since: Since I'm 3 years old.
Favorite Species: Musky, Bass, Pike.
Favorite Technic: Popper/Glidding Tap.
Favorite Food: Sushi.
Favorite Music (song): Metal, Lamb of God, Slipknot.
Instagram: abeauregardfishing
Why do you like to go fishing? The Adrenaline raising during a fight, the moment when the fish hit the bait and when I set the hook. To me this means =  being in the present moment, the exact place where I need to be. I also do it for the love of the sport, the nature and for sharing my passion.

Timothy Stanley

Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States *The Land of Enchantment*.
Fishing Since: Fly Fishing since age 5, I’m currently 18.
Favorite Species: Brown Trout and Mongolia Lenok.
Favorite Technic: Dry flies on hot summer days and stripping streamers in the fall for aggressive browns.
Favorite Food: Enchiladas with hot red chili.
Favorite Music (song): Big L, EazyE, NAS, WuTang, Method Man, and of course the Notorious BIG.
Instagram: t_stanley__
Why do you like to go fishing? Fly Fishing is my form of meditation, a time where I am able to get away from the stresses and chaos of everyday life. Time seems to stop when I’m on the water with my closest friends, settin’ hooks, and admiring gorgeous fish, nothing can compare.